Nepalese residents clear rubbles of a collapsed house after an earthquake in Kathmandu on May 26, 2015. Photo: Ishara S. Kodikara.

10 Ways You Can Help Nepal After the Deadly Earthquake

Want to help Nepal? Then do one or more of the following things:

  1. Donate to a major charity

Photo: Creative Commons.

Companies like (but not limited to) World Vision, Oxfam and the Red Cross are on the ground in Nepal helping with relief efforts. Whichever is your preference, giving money to charities who have specific operations on the ground will be one of the most helpful ways to assist in this difficult time.

  1. Donate to a small charity

Photo: The Last Resort.

Not sure if your money is going to give a person shelter or pay for a charity’s administration fees? Then giving to a smaller charity based in Nepal might be for you. Organisations like the Last Resort Quake Fund are run by locals and know which areas need the most help.

  1. Give money to a friend who’s in Nepal

Photo: Ed Hale.

Even though the Australian government has asked people visiting Nepal to come home some have chosen to stay on and help. Tourists like Eve Barnes-Corby (pictured) are staying in Nepal and helping deliver supplies to communities. Barnes-Corby has been funding these charitable acts with money donated by her friends and family back home. So if you know somebody who’s getting their hands dirty with good deeds, throw some money their way.

  1. Plan your next overseas holiday to Nepal

Photo: Curtis Mountford-Hiles.

Tourism is one of Nepal’s biggest industries and sadly it will be affected by this natural disaster. Travelling to Nepal right now is not recommended but it would be a good idea to plan a future trip to the beautiful country when things become calmer. Local resident Merina Maharjan makes a living from tourism and says “I don’t have a nice job anymore. There’s no more tourism.” Pumping money back into the economy will be one step closer to recovery.

  1. Send money directly

Photo: Creative Commons.

For those who have travelled to Nepal know very well how friendly the Nepalese can be. If you are lucky enough to call them your friend then sending money will be the best things you can do to help. Until May 30th Western Union Money Transfer is allowing people to send money without transfer fees.

  1. Raise awareness back home

Photo: Eve Barnes-Corby Facebook account.

Anything from hosting a charity gig to simply telling others about this terrible situation will help raise awareness about the disaster. Nepal is a very small country and is often forgotten amongst its larger neighbours India and China. Even just retweeting what’s happening will help.

  1. Give supplies to a friend who’s travelling to Nepal

Photo: Creative Commons.

Got a friend who’s travelling to Nepal soon? Give them some tents, blankets or pillows to bring with them to hand out to people who need it most. Your friend might not be able to take much with them but every little bit helps.

  1. Donate to businesses that are sending money and supplies

Photo: Up Beat Cafe Facebook account.

Everybody is doing their bit to help with the quake and that includes some of the cafes in and around Sydney. Staff at Up Beat Café in Katoomba has been donating their tips to charities assisting people in Nepal. If you spot a local business with a donations box or tin, make sure to donate any loose change.

  1. Check up on people you know in Nepal

Photo: Curtis Mountford-Hiles.

Assisting someone doesn’t always have to be financial. As people in Nepal are scared about what might happen next as a series of aftershocks keep occurring, reports of mental health issues are arising. Something like sending a quick Facebook message daily to a friend affected by the earthquake may be the best way to show support.

  1. Keep Nepal in your mind

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