Katia Hayek Bouchaaya (left) and author Kerrie Phipps (right) at AME Media

Book Talk: Do You Talk to Strangers?

From a young age, many of us are cautioned against the dangers of talking to strangers.

But according to Australian author Kerrie Phipps there are many benefits to talking to people we don’t know.

In her second book, ‘Do Talk To Strangers,’ Kerrie explores how success can be inextricably linked to making a solid connection with others.

In an interview with El Telegraph Weekend, Kerrie shared memories of her childhood as a shy little girl living in the country and how her parents never warned her against talking to strangers.

As a result Kerrie says she has experienced amazing connections with people.

‘My parents taught me how to connect with people. They taught me about hospitality and being friendly,’ she told El Telegraph Weekend.

‘So rather than assume the worst and fear talking to strangers, I learnt to see the best in people,’ she added.

Kerri, said it was a long journey of overcoming her own shyness and having a supportive partner that allowed her to build on her own self confidence and serve others.

Author Kerrie Phipps (right) at AME Media

Author Kerrie Phipps (right) at AME Media

It was after years of coaching others on how to connect and network that she decided to write a book to encourage people to come out of their shell and unleash their full potential.

‘I believe it’s important to pay attention to your intuition and you’ll find that more often that not it’s safe to smile and say hello and you never know where that hello will take you,’ she said.

Kerrie believes that by talking to strangers we have a lot to gain, and her book offers readers anecdotes and insights into communicating skillfully and with awareness.

‘This book is for people who do talk to strangers to show them what they’re doing is making a difference and to encourage people who are more reserved to grow in confidence and discover a world of possibilities,’ said Kerrie.

Interestingly enough, Kerrie was introduced to the El Telegraph Weekend team by someone she met briefly at a cafe,  a complete stranger to her but friend of our team’s – Katia Hayek Bouchaaya. So it seems talk to strangers really does have its benefits.

If you would like to learn more about Kerrie or purchase DO Talk To Strangers – How To Connect With Anyone, Anywhere, visit her website here.




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