Video Games Help Doctors Diagnose Patients at Risk of Sudden Cardiac Arrest

In a world first, doctors at the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute have used computer gaming technology to help better diagnose patients suffering from a heart rhythm disease. This life threatening, electrical disorder kills 12% of Australians by stopping the heart from pumping blood effectively – causing sudden death.  Using the same technology that powers video games, researchers have been able ...

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FebFast is here and celebrating one million alcohol free days

FebFast is here and this year marks the one-millionth alcohol free day for the national health charity. Since 2007, FebFast has helped almost 50,000 people say ‘no’ to alcohol and raised more than $7 million to help kids with serious drug and alcohol problems. The campaign calls on Aussies to put themselves in the shoes of a young person with ...

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