‘Hayda Lebanon’: The remarkable village where you step back in time

Every summer hundreds flock to visit Hayda Lebanon aka the Village of Tradition in Zaarour, Lebanon. The village acts as portal into Lebanon’s rich cultural past, exhibiting primitive tools, food and entertainment. From the official Papal delegates of Pope Benedict XVI to world diplomats and celebrities, Hayda Lebanon is often deemed ‘a must see’ when discovering the Cedar Forest. Created ...

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Video Games Help Doctors Diagnose Patients at Risk of Sudden Cardiac Arrest

In a world first, doctors at the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute have used computer gaming technology to help better diagnose patients suffering from a heart rhythm disease. This life threatening, electrical disorder kills 12% of Australians by stopping the heart from pumping blood effectively – causing sudden death.  Using the same technology that powers video games, researchers have been able ...

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FebFast is here and celebrating one million alcohol free days

FebFast is here and this year marks the one-millionth alcohol free day for the national health charity. Since 2007, FebFast has helped almost 50,000 people say ‘no’ to alcohol and raised more than $7 million to help kids with serious drug and alcohol problems. The campaign calls on Aussies to put themselves in the shoes of a young person with ...

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