Photo: Ursula Melhem

Destination Melbourne: A Sydneysider discovers the hipster capital

ETW Reporter Ursula Melhem shares snippets of her time away in Melbourne.

I recently travelled to Melbourne with a group of girlfriends to attend a friend’s birthday. It was my second time travelling to the cold-ridden city in the state of Victoria.

Catching our transportation via airlines both ways, Virgin Australia – to and from Sydney – the trips were filled with humorous outbursts of laughter and jokes, providing entertainment for the rest of the passengers on-board from myself and my utmost comical friends.

ETW Reporter Ursula Melhem (centre) with her friends for a Melbourne getaway

ETW Reporter Ursula Melhem (centre) with her friends for a Melbourne getaway

Staying at The Mantra on Exhibition Street which was around the corner from almost everything – making travelling around the city easy. The only time we had to depend on public transport was when we ventured out to the Sydney equivalent of our Casino or Star – Crown Melbourne.

Taking a cab, quite a bumpy one took 15 minutes – the perks of staying in the heart of the city I guess. Although if I had my time back I would probably rather be airlifted by a bat then to experience the instability of that drive.  An upside-down bat even, I might as well add.

Photo Ursula Melhem

Photo Ursula Melhem

The trip saw mishaps left, right, and centre… However I am here to share the joys and triumphs of the trip, one of which you may take away, perhaps you may plan your next trip today!? I’ll continue with modes of transportation that may intrigue you; bland as they may be to others, getting from one place to another with ease can be quite helpful sometimes. I’m just saying.

Commonly used in Melbourne are trams – a mini-high-speed train that took us from A to B in the busy and touristic city. This was especially useful if we were walking about a lot. A conversation could barely be held together throughout the trip; the distance and time proving little and fast.

Almost everything was in the city; karaoke, good food, relaxation-parlours, nature-activities, and basically extremely tall buildings every blink you endured.

A mini compilation of things to do if you’re on your way to Melbourne (be sure to find these simply at the touch of a Google Engine Search):

Feel like ridding those knots in your body… Want to say ‘cya’ to those nasty feels and tiresome stresses…Vigorous Thai Massage may be just the serenity you’ve been waiting for.

Photo: Ursula Melhem

Photo: Ursula Melhem

Feel like singing your heart out… Want to experience your friends in the loudest and most out-of-tune tones you’ve ever heart… Stars KTV and Lounge might be just the stage your friends have been waiting to take.

Feel like riding in a Horse and Carriage… Want to experience a classical drive around Federation Square… A Classic Carriage Co may be just the ride you’ve been waiting for.


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