Guam Running Club: Leading a lifestyle of running – The Score

The foundation of the Guam Running Club, which informally started in 1970, is a love for an active lifestyle.

The Turkey Trot, a run held after Thanksgiving, and the Perimeter Relay were the earliest runs that led to the founding of the club, according to the Guampedia history of the group.

The club has grown and changed over the years, with more members and more participants in different events.

“I’ve seen so many people start and then stop running. The difference really is finding a group to train with, because the social aspect of running is key for sustainability,” said Manny Hechanova, Guam Running Club member and volunteer. “A typical 5k race on Guam last for three hours — the race is only an hour; the winners cross at 17 or so minutes and the last person at around one hour — so the pre-race chatting and the post-race activities such as awards, raffle, and food consume the other two hours.”

“We really have no life,” said Hechanova.

Guam Running Club members are often seen outside of their own events and at local running events where many familiar faces  — Ryan Matienzo and Manami Iijima are often listed in the group of top finishers.


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