Inside Alex Trebek’s Health Battles Throughout His 35 Years on Jeopardy!

Throughout his 35-year career hosting Jeopardy!, Alex Trebek has successfully weathered several health issues.

Now, Trebek is hoping to successfully battle his most recent diagnosis: cancer. On Wednesday, the longtime host shared the sad news that he has stage 4 pancreatic cancer.

In a video message, the 78-year-old TV star that he wanted to be “open and transparent” about his health to prevent “overblown or inaccurate reports.”

“So therefore, I wanted to be the one to pass along this information. Now, just like 50,000 other people in the United States each year, this week I was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer,” he said.

Trebek said that he will continue hosting Jeopardy!, and plans “to beat the low survival rate statistics for this disease.”


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