Staff at Roselands Centre Jewellers

Local Business: Roseland Jeweller celebrates 50 years

Roselands Centre Jewellers invited locals to a ‘sparkling journey’ on Tuesday night.

Launching the latest Swarovski collection on the store’s 50th birthday, the jeweller’s also celebrated 120 years of Swarovski Innovation.

Loyal customers swarmed around the elegant jewels on show, purchasing their favourite pieces and adding others to their christmas shopping list.

Shop attendants were please with the turn out and customers left smiling as they were presented with a free Swarovski stretch bracelet with every purchase.

Roselands Centre Jewellers

Roselands Centre Jewellers Photo: ETW


Roselands Centre Jewellers Photo: ETW

Roselands Centre Jewellers Image: ETW

Roselands Centre Jewellers Image: ETW


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