Overheard in business class

SO you’re flying business class.

It’s better than economy but you feel like the middle child. You’re not the smallest player on the plane, but you’re certainly not the largest.

Business class is fantastic. Certainly better than economy, also known as cattle class. But there are just a few things you want more of.

Here are the top first world problems overheard on one recent business class flight to Los Angeles.

1. Why have my pyjamas not arrived yet? When will they bring them out?

2. I wish my massage chair was stronger.

3. If only they had Dom Perignon champagne.

4. The mattress on my fully-reclining chair just isn’t thick enough.

5. My TV screen is too far away, I need my glasses.

6. There are too many drinks on my table, I can’t get out to go to the toilet.

7. My clothes got wet by the sensor tap in the toilet.

8. My water bottle has fallen down the side of my seat and stopped it from reclining fully flat.

9. Why don’t they have smaller pyjamas?

If these are the worst complaints that business class passengers have, it’s definitely worth the upgrade.


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