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The new breed of terrorists: criminals first, Islamists second

Media outlets were quick to note the criminal backgrounds of the perpetrators of last week’sBrussels terror attacks. Drawing comparisons with those who undertook the November 2015Paris attacks, this analysis suggested the rise of a new generation of terrorist recruits who are not “radical Islamists” but “Islamised radicals”. A closer analysis of the perpetrators of recent attacks suggests that Islamic State ...

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NSW police chief defends anti-terror raids

NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione has defended counter-terrorism raids across western Sydney after three of four males arrested on suspicion of involvement in the murder of a police accountant were released without charge. Raban Alou, 18, was still in custody on Thursday after dawn raids on Wednesday, in which hundreds of officers stormed several homes in response to the shooting of 58-year-old Curtis ...

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Legal doubts arise over citizenship move

The Abbott government’s plans to strip citizenship from dual nationals involved in terrorism could be unconstitutional, the Australian Greens say. Greens senator Penny Wright says the proposed laws, which are expected to give Immigration Minister Peter Dutton discretion to revoke citizenship of Australians deemed to be working with terrorists, are a serious mistake. “The decision to remove a person’s citizenship ...

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