Matcha Tea Photo: Zeina Issa

Take dad out for a treat: Cre Asion cafe review

Food blogger Zeina Issa from Poem and Dish shares her review of cafe Cre Asion with El Telegraph Weekend      readers.

I recently came across Cre Asion – a tucked-away cafe where everything is freshly baked daily on the premises.  Pleased with my new discovery, I peered into the kitchen to find a baker was hand beating a new batch of what looked like a meringue. The smell of freshly baked goodies, only a metre away and seeing the kitchen wide open, makes you feel you are right at home, with your mum baking delicious cakes on a Sunday morning.

I couldn’t resist purchasing their delicious chocolate and green tea mousse. I had popped in just to grab a hot drink, and came out with this delicious dessert that just melts in your mouth, the blend of chocolate with the Matcha green mousse was superb. I overdosed on chocolate sipping on a soy hot chocolate, that was also excellent. The perfect remedy on a cold morning.

Chocolate and green-tea mousse. Photo: Zeina Issa

Chocolate and green-tea mousse. Photo: Zeina Issa

Now I avoid sweets and gluten as much as I can, and I only break the rules for amazing unusual delicacies and this was definitely worth it. This cafe was too enticing and since I was working near by for the next two days, I paid them another visit and I enjoyed their Matcha tea, which was just as good as the one I had first tried in Kyoto a couple of years ago. Perfect, authentic and a large serving, great value.

On my third day I again broke the rules and indulged in what was sitting on the back bench, and was being sliced by the baker. It was a green tea and white chocolate sponge roll. The sponge was so fluffy, not too sweet and simply heavenly.

Cre Asion cafe staff. Photo: Zeina Issa

Cre Asion cafe staff. Photo: Zeina Issa

I went for the green-tea desserts because they are their speciality and so different from anything you can get anywhere else, but they have so much more to choose from. They had an amazing display of muffins and macaroons as well as many other delicious favourites, such as cheese cake, chocolate brownies and banana breads.

The owner is young and so are all the cooks and workers. This cafe has an innovative approach, and the set-up has a modern Japanese yet homey feel to it.

If you are ever around the city of Sydney you have to do yourself a favour and pop in, or you could spoil your dad and take him there for a father’s day treat this week.

Location: 21 Alberta Street, Sydney.

For all things food and poetry visit Zeina’s blog Poem and Dish.



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