The Ladies of London Preview the Fallout from Caroline Stanbury’s Mapperton Tantrum

These Ladies of London trips to Mapperton Estate never go the way poor Julie Montagu wants them to, do they?

When we last left the ladies, their most recent journey to the English countryside went awry when Caroline Stanbury, bucking against the house rules set before her by Lady Montagu, absolutely refused to agree to a fishing trip the following day, causing her friends around the table to pile on and really stick it to her. But her former sister-in-law Sophie Stanbury wants to make one abundantly clear.

“One thing I would like to say is there is no ‘mean girls’ things going on here,” she told E! News during a recent sit-down alongside Julie.

For Julie, who’s facing the pressures of taking her husband’s family’s estate over this season, it seems the perceived disrespect on Caroline’s part still stings. “My view is is she didn’t have to come. She knew exactly what I was taking over. She knew that, according to Caroline, it was very similar to what she grew up in and what she’s basically rebelled against,” she explained. “So don’t accept my offer if you’re going to turn up five hours late to pretty much everything and you’re going to walk out of a dinner party and not participate in any of the activities. Why turn up?”

As for tonight’s episode, which will see the tension continue to fracture Caroline’s relationships with the pair, Sophie described the hour as “fun, dramatic [and] wild.”

Julie’s description, on the other hand, was a bit more colorful. “Big lips, seagulls, and French fries,” she told us. To find out what the heck that might even mean, you’ll have to tune in tonight.

For more from the ladies, including an update on the current status of their relationships with Caroline, be sure to check out the video above.


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