Weekend wrap up: Harmony Day on Display

Harmony Day is a day where people from different backgrounds unite within their communities to celebrate Australia’s cultural diversity and the sense of belonging that comes with being a multicultural society.

Several community events took place around the nation and El Telegraph Weekend was on location to report on the community events that took place in Sydney’s culturally diverse St. George Area.

James Cook Boys High, Kogarah

Centred on the theme ‘Everyone Belongs,’ James Cook Boys High, Kogarah, celebrated Harmony Day with lively entertainment, music and performances on Friday.

Students spent weeks rehearsing for Harmony Day, and put on outstanding performances. Despite the wet weather, students enjoyed the day with performances ranging from Michael Jackson impersonation, a year 7 group performing a traditional Greek Dance, a Polynesian group dance, Samoan group dance, and singing and instrumental versions of popular songs were performed by talented students.

Polynesian Group performers 3

Polynesian Group performers at James Cook High School. Photo: Sahar Mourad

“I thought it was a great success. The students were well behaved and the music performances from our school were good as well. I thought it was a really positive day in terms of representing Harmony Day and what it stands for; the sense of belonging, inclusivity, ensuring everyone within our school and broader community understands the importance of working together as a community, accepting people for their differences and ensuring we are able to work together for a safe, respectful future,” said Principal Mark Marciniak.

Ruiqin (Tommy) Miao performing to Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal. Photo: Sahar Mourad

Ruiqin (Tommy) Miao performing to Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal. Photo: Sahar Mourad

Arabic Cultural Harmony Day, Bexley

Celebrations were well underway in Bexley for the Arabic Cultural Harmony Day on Saturday, where people from various backgrounds joined the festivities with diverse food stalls, music, dance, performances and cooking demonstrations.

“This is our first year being invited by the Coptic Scout Group. It’s been such an honour to be invited to such an amazing event. The atmosphere is amazing you just have cultures mixing. We are all tasting each other’s food, we’re all learning about each other’s cultures. All of the languages are just combining together and we’re learning so much about each other. I hope next year we have the great honour of being invited again because it is such a great event to attend,” said Zeinab Hage-Ali, from Al-Mabarrat Scout Group, Kingsgrove.

Al-Muslimah performers at Arabic Cultural Harmony Day. Photo: Sahar Mourad

Al-Muslimah performers at Arabic Cultural Harmony Day. Photo: Sahar Mourad

The event had a wonderful turnout with guests including Mayor Shane O’Brien, the NSW Deputy Police Commissioner, Nick Kaldas, and local religious leaders.


Hadi Sayed, Jacob Hamad, Ali Hadroj, Ali Miski from the Al-Mabarrat Scouts Group

Hadi Sayed, Jacob Hamad, Ali Hadroj, Ali Miski from the Al-Mabarrat Scouts Group. Photo: Sahar Mourad


“It was wonderful to have the Muslim Al-Mabarrat Scouts and the Coptic Scout groups working together doing marches, and talking about their Scout activities. This was with the support of Masjid Al-Rahman and Sheik Yousseff and all the workers there. I wouldn’t be able to do something like this because there is harmony between me and them. We work together as a team which is wonderful. Everyone who supported my team was beautiful”, said Suzie Shenouda, one of the organisers of the event.


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